Show Racism The Red Card

Viitorul Cluj Football Academy has launched awareness and sensitization campaigns regarding racism through a collaboration with the International Organization SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD (


At this moment we are the only football club in Romania involved in this campaign.

”I have seen and personally experienced racism several times. I was called a ”gypsy” by the players of the teams I played against, for the simple fact that I had a slightly darker skin colour.


On a personal level, their words did not affect me too much. To me, discriminatory language looks like a gesture of hatred and envy. Therefore, this encouraged me to show them what I am capable of, on the field. It’s not good that people use racist words to insult others, and certainly these things shouldn’t take place in football.”

The words of our ambassador

in this campaign,

Denis Faragau


Viitorul Cluj and DGASPC

Because we want a lasting involvement in the community, we have concluded a collaboration with the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection (DGASPC), based on which, monthly, we co-opt children from the centers, transport them to one of the sports facilities where we carry out our activity and offer them a training session, educational games, nutritional or hygiene advice.

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