Taking over the club by the new associates

The first players trained and transferred internationally:

1. Raul STEAU, Sassuolo, Seria A, Italy;

2. Darius GHINDOVEAN, Duisburg, Bundesliga 2, Germany.


330 players

1st Place at the National Championship U19



Winning the National Championship U19, series 11, with the U17 age group

Establishment of the club, ACS Viitorul Cluj Junior

16 players

The first players noticed and called for the extended actions of the national team (Darius OROIAN, Denis CALO, Vlad BOGDAN)

First debut in National Team U16, Darius OROIAN.

Administrative and sports restructuring of the club's activity

1st Place, Antal Cup

1st Place, County Championship, Juniors E

1st Place, Fotbal a la Cluj










Participation for the first time in the Elite Championship in U19,17,16(qualification of U17, 16 in the

Play-off of the competitions)


The main objective of our Academy is to become the best center for the selection and training of juniors in Eastern Europe, taking advantage of the good image of our city in Europe, but also of its geographical location


To achieve this, we have implemented a very well-developed organizational culture. Our staff meets the highest professional quality standards, so the organization is at the level of any renowned academy in the field.


Keep the essence of what football is at an early age – a game. We believe that this is exactly what should be the main idea for young age groups: children should like to practice this sport and perceive it as fun, recreational and full of passion.


In addition to focusing on the physical development of the child, our Academy also focuses on his/her evolution as an individual, on the transformation from a child into a mature person, a responsible and balanced person, aware of his/her goal: to be the best.


This way, our Academy manages to integrate the physical strengths of the players with the mental ones, by creating a pleasant atmosphere, full of enthusiasm and good cheer.




The development structure of our football school is based on the criteria of children’s biological age, resulting in 3 main categories:


between 5 – 11 years old


between 12-16 years old


between 17-19 years old

The ideology of the Academy is to ensure care and quality in the development of players in each age group. The main details taken into account in the selection process are: availability for physical activities (athletic quality), individual technique and intelligence (how to manage solutions).


The technical skills are developed in the presence of a coach who explains and exemplifies to the players the correct and efficient way of executing the movements and exercises within the collective and individual trainings (individualization or compartment training sessions).


The main feature of Viitorul Cluj Football Academy is the fact that each child represents a project for us, we want each of these projects to be viable for sport or society.


We develop the multilateral player:


TE(tehnical) TA(tactical) FI(physical) ME(mental)

In order to achieve performance, the Academy uses a professional application (TIPS), which helps keep track of the development and evolution of each player, an application that allows the coach to access the player’s history at any time


The technical department of the Academy has decided that the game modules that to be prepared mainly for all age groups will be focused on the 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 systems and their derivatives.


Darius Dacian Ghindovean (2001)

MSV Duisburg

Steau Raul Ovidiu


US Sassuolo Calcio

Karim Satmarean


TSC Eintracht 48/95

David Morar


Academica Clinceni

Alexandru Maries


CS Universitatea Craiova

Timis Ciprian



Vlad Bogdan


FC Petrolul Ploiesti

Erik Grosz Portar


CS Gaz Metan Medias

Borz Sergiu


CSM Resita

Dan Borma Fundas


CS Gaz Metan Medias

Denis Calo Mijlocas


CS Gaz Metan Medias

Vlad Domsa Mijlocas


CS Gaz Metan Medias



Alin Banceu

Executive Director


    Bachelor’s Degree in Football, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, UBB, former professional footballer (FC Universitatea Cluj, CFR Cluj, Fortuna Sittard, F.C. National Bucuresti). Sporting Director (2006-2007) and Executive Director (2007-2008) at FC Universitatea Cluj.

Marius Codescu

Technical Director


    Extensive experience as a coach both in Romania and abroad (coach at Zimbru Chisinau, FC Dinamo Bucuresti, Academia Hagi, AL Dhafra UAE). Fully qualified UEFA A Elite coach.

Andra Zavaleanu

Business Development Manager


    Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UBB, with over 10 years of experience as a Bank Manager. Managerial and financial expertise.

Cristian Hojda

Member of the Board of Directors


    Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UBB,  expert accountant and insolvency practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Mihail Steplecaru

Member of the Board of Directors


    Informatician de profesie, acesta asigura bunul mers al Academiei in ceea ce priveste suportul tehnic si informational pentru toti angajatii, prin intretinerea infrastructurii, a echipamentului electronic si a retelei interne.

Daniel Rusu

Member of the Board of Directors


    Bachelor’s degree in Finance-Banking and then a Master's degree, specializing in Banks and Capital Markets at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UBB.  Economist from 2009-2014 and insolvency practitioner from 2014 until now.


Cristian Oul

Legal Adviser


    Bachelor of Laws, Faculty of Law, UBB. Expertise in understanding and applying legislation in the field of sports and other incidental fields.

Vasile Tomoiaga



Mircea Morar

Team Manager


    25 years of career as an Agent within the Ministry of Interior. Former professional handball player, national vice-champion, athlete within CSM Cluj and Dinamo Bucharest. Concerned with sports management, holder of a professional certification in this field. Collaborations from the position of Team Manager with clubs such as: FC Ariesul Turda, Unirea Jucu, Seso Campia Turzii, Minerul Iara.

Vasile Dobrau



    Former professional football player (Dinamo Bucuresti, Universitatea Cluj, Armatura Zalau, Dacia Orastie), he has played a large part of his career in football Division A, was a member of the national senior team and the Olympic team. Coach, federal observer and Sporting Director at Universitatea Cluj between 1994-1997.

Daniel Uta

Media Manager


    A specialist in marketing, photography, video and editing, Daniel is our ”image” man.

Andreea Codau

Mass-media responsible


    Bachelor's degree in communication and public relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, Administrative and of Communication. Marketing and PR specialist, organization and involvement are her strengths. She loves and knows the importance of teamwork.


Sorin Iodi


Coach U19


    Currently a UEFA B Licence trainee, former professional footballer, with 112 matches in League I, 127 matches in League II (Olimpia Satu Mare, Gloria Bistrita, Dinamo Bucharest, Universitatea Cluj).

Carlan Horean

Goalkeeper coach


    He began to defend the seniors at Campia Turzii in 1982, to then end his career at #CFR Cluj in 2002, after many seasons in which he was the holder of this position. He is made for this work and he manages to teach this professional style to all those that he works with.

Marius Popescu

Coach for Seniors and U19


    Holder of the UEFA A License, former professional footballer, with over 189 matches in League I and over 100 matches in League II. Coach with a vast experience (Universitatea Cluj, ASA Targu Mures, FC Botosani).

Robert Lais

 Coordinator and Coach U11


    Holder of a UEFA B license and a physical trainer certification. Bachelor's degree in Football, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, UBB. He started his junior year at  Sighetul Marmatiei School Sports Club and ended his career at Stiinta Cluj. Teacher since 2008 (teacher of physical education and sports).

Mircea Miron

Coach U12-U13


    UEFA B license holder, electrical engineer and surveyor. Taking into account his studies, he represents the model of a very rigorous coach, who loves to work with children, dedicated to shaping the characters of the young people, based on his own model. As a coach, he has extensive experience, since 2008, a period in which he worked in several junior clubs in Cluj-Napoca.

Paul Simon

 Coach U10


    Former professional player (Universitatea Cluj, CFR Cluj, Sanatatea Cluj). An engineer by training, he wants to instill in children his ambition and perseverance.

Dan Bostan

Coach U8


    Graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, UBB and currently sports teacher. He also evolved as a football player, and later decided that he had all the necessary qualities to train young footballersand made the decision that coaching suits him best.

Bud Marian Vasile

Coach U6-U8


    Master's degree in Sports Journalism and Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sports. Currently a physical education teacher, he is passionate about training students through physical activities, which is why coaching is the next step in his career.

Ervin Fodor

Antrenor fete


    Student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at present. He started playing football as a junior at the age of 8, at Universitatea Cluj. National vice-champion in juniors with the Universitatea Cluj. He played as a footballer in Hungary and later nationally, in the Third League at Sanatatea Cluj.

Razvan Faurica

Coach U6-9


    Graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, UBB and sports teacher. He has extensive experience in working with children, by participating as a sports instructor in various summer camps. In 2015-2016 he evolved for Universitatea Cluj, and he spent his junior years at Jiul Petrosani.

Nicholas Bold

Antrenor assistant


    A master's student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of UBB and holder of a UEFA C coaching license, passionate about football and teaching, Nicholas started working as a sports teacher in different kindergartens in Cluj-Napoca when he was just a student.

Roth Robert

Coach U6-U8


    A graduate in Physical Education and Sports, UBB, passionate about sports and especially football, he started his coaching activity at the Viitorul Cluj Football Academy and wants to perform in this capacity.

Alexandra Petricas

Female U11 Coach


Andrei Avatajitei

Coach U13-U14


Andrei Cristea

Goalkeeper Coach


Daniel Sima

Coach U17


Hreniuk Andrei

Assistant Coach U12/U13/U14


Trusca Adrian

Coach U15-U16


Vasile Bindea

oach U5/U6



Ovidiu Ciupei

Physical Traier


    Graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and professor of athletics at the Sports Program High School Cluj. Passionate about the physical training of junior athletes

Sergiu Vescan



    Graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, specialization Kintetotherapy. This is a good specialist in physical training and nutrition.

Dan Ghilea

Sports Facility Administrator


    Experience of over 20 years as manager, warehouse manager and driver. Hardworking, organized and punctual, he is our man that's good at everything

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