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Dear friends, as we have already informed you a month ago, the results of the sustained work carried out within Viitorul Football Academy Cluj are starting to show. Our young players have by now brought us many rewards: several footballers are summoned to the national teams, winning the 4th League Championship of Cluj County, winning the Romanian U19 National Championship or our classification in the Elite League, the highest level competition for juniors in our country, along other 23 other teams, many of them coming from renowned football clubs.


Today, our wholehearted efforts, our coaches' competence and patience have been concluded as we have been invited by the Romanian Football Federation to participate in the 3rd League competition, an invitation that we have accepted with pleasure and enthusiasm. According to the regulations, our chance to participate was secured by our classification in the Elite League, mentioned above. Despite our considerable human, financial or physical efforts, we are convinced that by following the same path of moderation and discipline, together with the human quality and the level of professionalism of our sporting family, and not to mention our supporters, we will keep on succeeding.


Come join us in our beautiful life adventure!



Starting with July 28, 2020, the car access in the ”Dan Anca” Sports Facility will be done on dedicated routes:


 1. Kiss & Drop - two parking spaces, located perpendicular to the position of the locker rooms - the parent stops only as the child gets out of the car, then follows the directions on the exit road from the sports faclity. These parking places can never be occupied for more than a minute;


 2. Stationary 5 min - the parent is stationed on the marked parking spaces, assists the child getting off the car until taken over by the coach, then follows the route to the exit from the sports facility;


 3. There is also the possibility to park during training, with the request not to leave the car (Covid-19 regulations), only within the available parking spaces, other than those mentioned above. If the number of cars is higher than the number of available places, it will be possible to park on the places marked with ”5 minutes parking”, in which case the parking will be done starting from left to right, the cars being placed next to each other , except for the last 4 places next to the locker room, which cannot be occupied



 For parents / guardians / coaches / employees / others – please take into account:


- follow the instructions above;


- do not cross the markings indicating the parking interdiction;


- observe the directions indicated by the arrows;


- not to drive at a speed higher than 5km/h. Don’t forget that they are our children, whom we love and want to protect!


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